President Donald J. Trump, Fact or Fake News? True Stories from the Trump Whisperer by Brian McDowell, Donald Trump Campaign Scam, Make America Great Again, Roger Stone, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Republican Party, Democrat Party, Deep State Trump Sabotage

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Discover the path taken, and the decades it took, to make a President for the People.

In this real life account, Brian McDowell tells the world what it means to be a tried and true supporter of Donald Trump. Despite the President’s sometimes erratic behavior, McDowell wants the world to recognize that our President is smarter than the average American gives him credit for. McDowell first met Donald Trump in 2005 when he was selected to be on The Apprentice television show. McDowell later went on to volunteer for Donald Trump in 2016, working in Iowa with fellow Apprentice contestant Tana Goertz, then in Nevada where he assisted arranging a private plane for Donald Trump Jr. so he could get to Elko, NV for a rally. In March 2016, then campaign manager Corey Lewandowski sent McDowell to Florida as a super volunteer who was very resourceful. Then McDowell was appointed to the campaign in New Jersey. 

McDowell interacted with President Trump, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Corey Lewandowski, Hope Hicks, John McEntee, Roger Stone, Congressman Frank LoBiondo, and many others. This is a roller coaster story with many ups and downs all leading up to the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump. 

“Fake News” the newest buzz word that captivated the Nation and kept us on our toes. Who or what stories to believe? You will be asking yourself all these questions and more once you read this thrilling book by the “Trump Whisperer”.

Fact or Fake News? True Stories from the Trump Whisperer is a breath-taking account on how, for an entire decade, we the people of this country accepted the brash, outspoken, energetic and bold man we now call the President of the United States. Why did a Hillary Clinton supporter offer McDowell 5 million bucks for his Apprentice story? The answers all lie in this incredible story.

Fact or Fake News? True Stories from the Trump Whisperer was published in April 2018, and currently has a 5 star rating with multiple positive reviews on 

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