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Fact or Fake News

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Discover the path taken, and the decade it took, to make a President for the People.

“Fake News” the newest buzz word that captivated the Nation and kept us on our toes. Who or what stories to believe? Where the stories came from and how, why now, are they coming to the surface? You will be asking yourself all these questions and more once you read this thrilling novel of the “Trump Whisperer”.

“I have similarities with Donald J. Trump. We are both like P.T. Barnum. I love to craft new businesses and create a brand. I’m all about marketing and self-promotion”

The “Trump Whisperer” Brian McDowell, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the strong Irish principle that truth, loyalty and hard work always reap their rewards.

Fact or Fake News? True Stories from the Trump Whisperer is a breath-taking account on how, for an entire decade, we the people of this country accepted the brash, outspoken, energetic and bold man we now call the President of the United States. How is this possible? You ask? The answers all lie in this incredible story.

Brian McDowell was featured on The Apprentice television show in 2005. He later went on to volunteer for Donald J. Trump on his presidential campaign in Iowa, Nevada, Florida, and New Jersey.

Fact or Fake News? True Stories from the Trump Whisperer will be published on April 6, 2018, but you can now reserve a copy at a discounted price. Pre-ordered copies will be numbered and personalized.